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Say the words “photo booth” and you’ll almost surely draw up a feeling of nostalgia. Maybe it’s you and your middle school sweetheart pushing aside curtains, squishing into a tiny booth at the mall, grabbing that singular strip, and later sticking it to your mirror to swoon over. Maybe it’s you and a friend at the movie theater arcade cramming into the enclosed box and spending less time taking photos and more time arguing over who has to go home with the one where you both aren’t ready for the flash. Maybe it’s at a quirky college bar where you spend the last five dollars in your wallet to attempt to fit as many faces as possible into a frame that’s built for two. Yes, the black box has reigned over your candid memories for some time now.

Here’s the thing though, we’ve evolved. What we love about photo booths, the candid silliness, the intimacy, the instant gratification, is no longer pragmatic in it’s current box form for the events in which we want to encourage these feelings. The open air photo booth was born from the idea of taking what we love about photo booths and making it work for modern events. They are built for inclusion, for do-overs, and for endless customization. The future is here and below are five awesome reasons why you should consider an open air photo booth rental for your next event.


Some assume that photo quality is directly related to the quality of the camera, but that is only partly correct. From a quality perspective, the true strength of an open air photo booth is actually lighting. Open air photo booths mimic a professional lighting set up with the ability to adjust intensity based on environment and angle downward, rather than straight on, at the face. The result is a smooth, magazine style look that stands far and above the alternatives.


Modern events like a wedding or corporate party center around the idea of getting everyone involved so, the idea of sending two or at most three people to close themselves off in a tiny space doesn’t quite align. Photos taken in open air photo booths can fit more than a dozen people at a time which allows for better group shots and more overall involvement from your crowd. Because there’s not a curtain, spectators see what’s going on and get inspired to jump in and try it for themselves!


In the past, photo booths were built for independent engagements. With the rise of event based photo booths – the primary client has evolved to be the coordinator of the event and not the individual. The new primary client, whether it be a bride and groom or an event planner, etc., is interested in a full gallery of images that encompass each guest’s singular engagement. Open air photo booths are uniquely equipped to provide a digital gallery of high-resolution images post event with the opportunity for further interaction. The existence of a gallery is a fundamental difference in the reason for being when comparing box-style and open air photo booths.


Props are one of the most adored parts of using a photo booth. Since guests stand rather than sit in an open air photo booth, there is tons of opportunity to fill the space with everything from wearing masks, to costumes, to bringing in full-size cardboard cut-outs. The list really does go on forever and it is highly encouraged to put your own mark on the event with your own unique props.


If you are curating the conversation about your event via hashtag or if you want to get your photos into the hands of your guests as soon as possible, the option to share photos on-site through social networks like Facebook and Twitter or via email and text is something you might want to consider upgrading for. One thing to keep in mind is this service requires a strong and secure WiFi connection from your venue.

So there you have it, five awesome reasons to think outside the box (pun intended) at your next event!

Stay tuned to our future posts for more great tips.

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